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Places of interest in the vicinity of Büllingen

Experience nature

 Castles and abbeys


  • Museum Truschbaum - military museum in Camp Elsenborn
  • Baugnez 44 in Malmédy - dedicated to the battle of the Ardennes
  • Pottery museum at the Castle of Raeren
  • Ardenner Cultur Boulevar in Losheim -  a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions including Ars Technica, the largest digitally controlled model railway of Europe. Model trains travel through the Lakes, grasslands, meadows and forests of the Eifel region. Ars Krippana shows Nativity scenes from around the world, a Nativity scene on a grain of rice to a stable with real characters. In Ars Figura you experience the flair of the Imperial period.

Beautiful towns and villages

  • Picturesque Monschau with its old half-timbered houses, castle, car-free shopping center and beautiful walks.
  • Historic towns Prüm en Trier.
  • Romantic Bad Münstereifel and Kronenburg.
  • Lively Malmedy with nice guided tours of the town. In summer, the shops are open on Sundays.



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