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East belgium: Cycling, hiking and water sports Paradise

Cycling and MTB  for the experienced and less experienced cyclist

Cycling enthusiasts may think East Belgium too hilly and therefore not suitable for ordinary cyclists. It is true that experienced cyclists will particularly enjoy the VeloTour Hautes Fagnes-Eifel, the newly marked 850 km network according to 18 thematic routes, two of which pass through Hünningen.

With its 680 km bike routes, East Belgium is also one of Belgium's finest and largest MTB-destinations.

But also if you like to take it a bit easier, you can enjoy the RAVeL or "slow roads", on old railroad beds, so as good as flat, for bicycle fun without sweat or effort.

Holiday with children: tips for fun indoor and outdoor

  • Railbike Hautes Fagnes - Starting in Leykaul, Elsenborn you will cycle with a rail bike, on the tracks of the former Vennbahn between the stations of Kalterherberg and Sourbrodt, round trip about 15 km.  Handicapped accessible, also child seats possible.
  • Stutenmilchhof Kessler in Honsfeld - equestrian dairy with beautiful Hafflinger horses, with tours in German and French, pet zoo and sale of dairy products and cosmetics 

Places of interest in the vicinity of Büllingen

Experience nature

Hünningen between Hautes Fagnes and Eifel:
walking through picturesque landscapes

East Belgium stretches out from Kelmis in the North, close to the Belgian-German-Dutch border to Ouren in the South, close to the Belgian-German-Luxembourg border. At the heart of this lovely region is the German-Belgian nature park Hautes Fagnes-Eifel. And centrally located in the nature park Hautes Fagnes-Eifel you will find Hünningen, a quiet little village amidst fields and meadows.