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Hünningen between Hautes Fagnes and Eifel:
walking through picturesque landscapes

East Belgium stretches out from Kelmis in the North, close to the Belgian-German-Dutch border to Ouren in the South, close to the Belgian-German-Luxembourg border. At the heart of this lovely region is the German-Belgian nature park Hautes Fagnes-Eifel. And centrally located in the nature park Hautes Fagnes-Eifel you will find Hünningen, a quiet little village amidst fields and meadows.

It is located right at the crossing of different landscapes. At no more then 8 km from the lake of Bütgenbach our village is part of a typically open, mildly undulating landscape of fields and meadows interrupted by hedges of hawthorn and beech. When you leave our village at the southwest you almost immediately find yourself  in the vast forest of the Eifel and the picturesque Valley of the Our, the most deeply cut valley in the region that offers stunning views. If you go north-east then after some 20 kilometres you reach the Hautes Fagnes. The Hautes Fagnes is one of the last high peat moors in Europe. The nature there is rugged, the flora and fauna special, the silence deafening, the atmosphere somewhat mystical.

Throughout the year, this hilly region is a paradise for walkers. Along numerous sign posted paths one discovers unspoilt nature, and endless panorama's. But also for cyclists, mountain bikers, riders there are many well sign posted routes. Furthermore, Hünningen is located at an altitude of 640m and its winters are often snowy. If you love cross-country skiing, walking on rackets, luging, and even alpine skiing you will find tracks, slopes and material all in or in the close vicinity of Hünningen.  In Summer, the nearby lakes of Bütgenbach, Robertville and Kronenburg have a lot to offer to lovers of water sports, water fun and bathing in the great outdoors. In addition to all these sporting activities you'll find plenty of cultural activities in the surroundings and beautiful towns that are more than worth your visit. You may find a nice selection here.



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